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AI 23  10.11.23     

🔻 Undisturbed Projections🔻 7:30 PM

Presenting a curated collection of films distinguished by their exceptional quality and unique characteristics. In appreciation of their distinctiveness, we've chosen to preserve the original presentation, allowing the audience to experience them exactly as intended, without any interventions.


“Ooze” 2021 - USA - Directed by Matthew Rollins  7´25´´ 

A mysterious liquid drips from the luggage of Stephen, 

a clumsy young man visiting 

his domineering parents for dinner.

OOZE is a 16mm nightmare comedy exploring both the terror 

and absurdity of familial pressures, guilt, and anxieties.

“Real Love Baby” 2021 - Netherlands - Directed by Tim Gersen  2´10´´ 

In this short film, a couple is going through the miraculous process 

of giving birth, but what they bring into the world is not what they 

expected. This slightly dark comedy uses an unexpected metaphor to 

comment on materialism.

🔻 INTERFERED  Projections🔻 

Discover the synergy between artists and films in this segment, where the carefully selected lineup showcases the seamless integration of musical performances with cinematic visuals.


JOSE MACABRA Live Soundscapes for Film

Duration 24'


Jose Rivas, known as Jose Macabra, is a versatile artist with a background in Sound Arts 

and Fine Art. He works as an artist, sound designer, producer, video director, radio DJ, 

and curator. Jose's creative spectrum encompasses various influences, from industrial and 

noise genres to experimental music and sound art. He also teaches Sound Arts and Music 

Production at UAL and other institutions. His extensive portfolio includes collaborations 

with renowned entities and performances in prestigious art venues and festivals across Europe. 

Jose's research interests span Electronic Music, Field Recording, Noise Music, Ritual Art Practice, and more. 

7:45 PM

🔴 Performing for the following films🔻 


“Devore” 2021 - France - Directed by Corentin Schieb, Mathias Averty   6´43´´ 

Facing the Tv, alone, a man is watching over and over several DV tapes 

he used to make. Memories of a woman he deeply loved seem to live again 

on the moving screen. Haunted by regrets, he loses himself in a 

devouring romance…

“Gift of Life” 2023 - UK - Directed by John Bradburn  5´39´´ 

Music Video For The Infinity Ring starring Jenny Runacre (who worked with Passolini in Canterbury Tales, Antonioni in The Passenger and Jarman in Jubilee). The world is out of order and a mysterious figure creates two opposing forces to return it to unity.

“No Tomorrow” 2023 - USA - Directed by Ryan Clancy 12´ 

A sober sexual reawakening gives rise to this erotic exploration of domestic spaces, 

colliding bodies, and human evolution. The swirling of past and present perspectives 

reveals our timeless pursuit of pleasure through sex, drugs, and sport.




8:30 PM ARCHI  Movie Fusion with Live Movement Performance

Duration 20'

"Archi is a French non-binary cabaret artist celebrating trans energy through 

projections and movement work. They create intense, atmospheric performances 

where lights and sound are as much part of the stage as their body. 

They are a resident performer at Bar Wotever (Royal Vauxhall Tavern) 

and are often seen in the East London cabaret scene

🔴 Performing for the following films🔻 


“Intersextion” 2022 - Canada - Directed by Richard Roger Reeves  4´ 

Two abstract energies fall in love, unite as one then disappear into a vanishing point.

Both sound and picture are handmade onto 35mm film.

This film expresses a symbiotic interplay between two cosmic energies contrasting 

the intersection of reality and self expression. 

“Morphing Into An/Other 2023 - Slovakia - Directed by Zoltán Baráth  6´ 

Members of the Slovak and Hungarian ballroom scene create a safe(r) space between their bodies. 

A place for self exploration and mutual uncovering of oneself. For them, voguing is one of their main ways of self-expression and connecting with themselves and others. Morphing Into An/Other is about the power in the possibility of togetherness.Their bodies create a safe(r) space for self-exploring and to connect with one another. Morphing Into An/Other is about the power in the possibility of togetherness.

“Yoke” 2023 - Philippines - Directed by Ian Galicia  10´ 20´´  

An exhausted man tied to his material possessions journeys through the stages of grief. In denial of his past, he refused to confront it. In anger, he cuts the strings that ties him to his shadow. In bargaining, he clings to the strings of his past. In depression, he spirals into a deep enveloping darkness. In acceptance, he discovers how to free himself from the ties that bind him.

9:15 PM BLANCA REGINA & PIERRE BOUVIER Live Music and Projections


Blanca Regina, a London-based interdisciplinary artist, tutor, and curator, explores spontaneous composition systems through voice, objects, electronics, and visuals. Her diverse creations span films, music, videomapping, and design projects. Co-founding Unpredictable Series with Steve Beresford and Pierre Bouvier Patron, she's released albums and collaborated with renowned artists. Blanca Regina conducts international workshops and her work is supported by notable organisations.


Pierre Bouvier Patron, a London visual artist, navigates digital video and film, blurring boundaries and crafting moving image works. His skills span experimental and documentary filmmaking, music videos, and video performances. Pierre's works, showcased internationally, include "Unpredictable: Conversations with Improvisers" and collaborations with collectives and festivals. Visit  and   for more.



Performing: Abstract Encounters is a new audiovisual performance by Blanca Regina and Pierre Bouvier Patron that explores symbolic gestures, affinity with nature and questions about presence, space and its representation in the digital age. This playful performance is created in real-time with an open score where listening and reaction conjure the art of the moment. Their work pushes the boundaries of traditional audiovisual language, combining multiple media by using analogue and digital techniques, presenting an immersive and dream-like experience for the audience with abstract imagery, films, animation, field recordings, vocal extravaganza and music created with objects. 

Duration: 30/ 40 min

'The world they create is playfully unreal and mysteriously enchanting’
Phil England ( The Wire, Nov 2020)

LAURIE BLACK  Movie Fusion with Live Musical Performance 10:15 PM


Laurie Black combines live synthesisers and sequencers with satirical comedy, earning her the title of the "lovechild of Gary Numan and Victoria Wood." Notably, she toured as the only support act for Adam Ant across the UK. Her performances delve into themes of feminism, space, feminism in space, and the climate crisis. Having toured in Iceland, the UK, and Australia, her recent hour-long Fringe-style show, "Laurie Black: Dystopiano," showcased her unique blend of music and humour.

🔴 Performing for the following films🔻

“Transmission” 2020 - Sweden - Directed by Mats Landström 4´ 40´´  

She listens carefully to the tapes, as if each sound carries a hidden message, a secret only she can unveil. The different sounds take on new meanings as she listens repeatedly, uncovering layers of hidden messages that were not immediately apparent.
The crackles and glitches in the recordings create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. With each noise and distortion, she starts to wonder if there might be something more to these recordings than meets the ear. As she stares at the round tapes, watching them spin around and around, she becomes convinced that there's a puzzle waiting to be solved. She carefully removes the tapes from the tape player, holding them in her hands. She examines them closely, looking for any clues or markings that might indicate a hidden purpose behind these recordings

“I've always wanted to see a martian” 2022 - Greece - Directed by Smaragda Nitsopoulou 7´  

An astronaut finds herself stranded on a foreign planet. Her initial fear gives way to an insatiable 

need to experience this new planet with all her senses. The astronaut tries to find her footing 

between the urge to conquer and surrender.

“Skyscraper Film” 2022 - Canada - Directed by Federica Foglia 7´ 56´´   

Skyscraper Film was created to try to give a visual answer to these questions, arising from the artist's 

relation to urban maps of various locations and their respective skylines, populated by imposing skyscrapers 

and reinforced concrete panoramas: Quebec, Kingston (Canada), Maryland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore (USA) etc.

Cities are presented to us as an abstract handmade camera-less collage, created from scraps of orphan 16mm films 

from the 1980s.



“Sapient” 2021 - Australia - Directed by Ryan Renshaw  2´ 46´´  

'Sapient' is a Fashion Film featuring the art of Australian designer Rachel Burke. 

It is the culmination of 6 months labour and involves many hundreds of hours of 

post-production visual effects rendering. 

chicklettes sin nada_edited.jpg

Chicklettes Djs  Vinyl Groove Showcase featuring Visuals


London DJs, vinyl masters, curate immersive sets unearthing forgotten gems from diverse eras. Their decks, portals to bygone sounds, blend analog magic with contemporary allure. These vinyl navigators craft multisensory experiences, fusing curated visuals with rediscovered melodies. They will play for films, weaving mesmerising visuals into their sonic tapestry at the heart of London's music scene.

🔴 Performing for the following films🔻 



“Duckie Boy” 2023 - UK - Directed by Van Velvet 2´ 23´´ 

In a quirky and humoristic way, Oh Ducky Boy delivers a conversation about human complexity when it comes to responsibility and denial. 

Using live action and animation in a funky, ironic and self absorbed music video style, it takes the audience on a journey through our waste

 and plastic contamination of the oceans and how we contribute to the pollution, are aware of the damage and still reject and deny responsibility. 

Oh Ducky Boy…Are we ever gonna learn? 



“Hush” 2023 - USA - Directed by Cheryl Gelover, Tom Murray 4´ 27´´ 

The animated music video for Hush embraces the contrasts of the song’s lyrical and aural aesthetics – combining simulations of tactile presentation with all the inherent digital contradictions. 

Lively hand-drawn splashes of acid hues highlight an eclectic array of stop-motion animated elements – salvaged vintage objects, toys and musical instruments – intercut with animated lip sync. 

The animation’s multiple processes involved thousands of hand-crafted collages on individual sheets of black paper.    


“I´m not there” 2023 - France - Directed by Axel Chemin 4´ 8´´ 

“Electromagnetic Radiation” 2023 - USA - Directed by Larry Wang 3´ 15´´ 

This is a non-linear non-narrative experiment. 






“BOOKOLORBAR: Action” 2023 - USA - Directed by Shon Kim 1´ 46´´ 

BOOKOLORBAR is an Animation project to combine 'BOOKANIMA' and 'Color Bar'.

BOOKOLORBAR experiments BOOKOLORBAR Animation about Action. 










“Brixton Bustle” 2023 - UK - Directed by Shaun Clark  4´ 50´´ 

A journey through the energy, rhythm and culture of life in Brixton, 

a district of South London with an African-Caribbean soul. 





“No one Knows I'm a Dog On The Internet” 2023 - USA - Directed by Nathan King  3´ 34´´ 

This work explores digital taboos, kink subculture, and ideas of privacy in an age of twitter porn and onlyfans. Referencing the 1993 New Yorker cartoon by Peter Steiner, King performs and composites an online identity of puppy play, a popular underground kink expression in LGBTQ+ spaces. King questions if we are able to share ourselves online while still retaining a sense of privacy.

Despite being out as a gay and queer man over a decade and having explored pup play and other kink for years, King highlights his own self-consciousness toward others finding out about his sex life. The piece is a way to unabashedly claim that space and reckon with his own self-judgments of it. 





“This is not a gift” 2023 - Canada - Directed by Jules Ronfard  5´  

In the form of a video-poem, ''Ceci n'est pas un GIF'' is a breach, a short object that questions 

our relationship to the real and digital world, to our physical presence on Earth. 


“AsbtrArt 27” 2023 - Spain - Directed by Luis Carlos Rodriguez García  6´ 20´´   

Abstrart is part of an audiovisual artistic research project that tries to transfer expressive 

and emotional concepts to the screen with moving images and, therefore, intentionally lacks formal, 

narrative and structural aspects. 

“Cinegraffic Score” 2023 - UK - Directed by Tim Grabham (AKA iloobia)  4´ 51´´   

Celluloid film is reconfigured into a graphic musical score, with obscure narratives emerging 

as the film is reanimated.

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Altered Images is an innovative and boundary-pushing experimental Film and Music Festival. Our mission is to bring together artists from diverse disciplines, fostering collaboration and creating original, one-of-a-kind pieces. With a focus on New Media Arts, Sound, Performance, Inclusivity, Feminism, and Queer Activism, we strive to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Our showcase welcomes artists whose work embodies an experimental and innovative spirit. Through live music, projections, performances, and art installations, we aim to curate events that provide a relaxed, inclusive, and friendly environment for our audience to immerse themselves in the experience.

We are particularly interested in working with bold and adventurous filmmakers who are eager to explore the fusion of sound and visuals, embracing the influence and inspiration that other artists can bring to their work.

As part of our commitment to supporting artists, we prioritize caring for the selected videos and performances showcased at our event. We actively promote the artists and their work through social media and various platforms, inviting them to attend the event whenever possible. Furthermore, we provide valuable feedback to all participants, fostering a nurturing and growth-oriented environment.

Join us on this exciting journey of artistic experimentation and collaboration. Together, let's create a platform that celebrates creativity, challenges conventions, and leaves a lasting impact on both artists and audiences alike.


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Get your movie or video showcased at Altered Images and benefit from the diffusion of the event in different social media.

We will promote all the works exhibited to engage with the largest possible audience and to create a network between different artists and audiences.

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A complete separate submission form must be filled if submitting more than one movie. Each submitted film shall pay the entry fee and be confirmed on FilmFreeway.
Selected Films

All filmmakers with selected projects will be notified via e-mail regarding acceptance by 14th of August 2024. Such notification will be received at the email address provided at the time of submission.

Altered Images proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway, the world's #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests. Click to submit.

1. We don’t demand premier status.
2. Submitted films must have a length between 1 and 25 minutes.
3. Multiple entries are allowed.
4. The exhibition copy of the movie will be sent to Altered Images as a compressed electronic file (mp4 preferred). ALL films must be received no later than Friday 30
th of August 2024.
5. Submitted films may be utilized for promotional purposes by Altered Images.
6. Altered Images is allowed to use artist names and stills from their submitted films (at least one print-quality and one web version provided upon request) for all promotional purposes.
The following will apply for all film submissions:
7. Altered Images retains the right to archive the submitted file or copy of the submitted film in digital format solely for historical and research purposes, and will not publicly screen it without the artist’s permission. All submissions should be downloaded to FilmFreeway for easy access to the entire Altered Images screening committee.
8. Altered Images will conduct private screening sessions with its screening team to review all submissions.
9. Altered Images does not provide refunds on submission fees.





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