Altered images is a spontaneous space for experimental film, videoart, installations and live music. The aim of the festival is to showcase silent movies or sound movies that are open to a sound reinterpretation.  

Our showcase is opened to artists  whose work has an experimental and innovative character. 

The goal of the showcase is to create an evening of live music, projections, perfomances and art installations where people can enjoy the show in a relaxed and friendly environment within the art scene of London (UK).


We’re looking for brave and risky filmmakers, who like to explore with the sound and the different hints another artist can give to their images.

One of our priorities is to look after the selected videos and performances  we are showcasing and the artists behind them (social media and trough different plattforms), inviting them to attend to the event, when possible, and providing feedback to all of them.


Get your movie or video showcased at Altered Images and see the result of the event released in different social media channels.

From our platform we will promote all the work exhibited to engage with the biggest audience possible and creating a network between different artists and audiences. 

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1. We don’t demand premier status.
2. Submitted films must have a length between 1 and 25 minutes.
3. Multiple entries are allowed.
4. The exhibition copy of the movie will be sent to Altered Images as a compressed electronic file (mp4 preferred). ALL films must be received no later than Monday, 12th of June, 2021.
5. Submitted films may be utilized for promotional purposes by Altered Images.
6. Altered Images is allowed to use artist names and stills from their submitted films (at least one print-quality and one web version provided upon request) for all promotional purposes.
The following will apply for all film submissions:
7. Altered Images retains the right to archive the submitted file or copy of the submitted film in digital format solely for historical and research purposes, and will not publicly screen it without the artist’s permission. All submissions should be downloaded to FilmFreeway for easy access to the entire Altered Images screening committee.
8. Altered Images will conduct private screening sessions with its screening team to review all submissions.
9. Altered Images does not provide refunds on submission fees.

A complete separate submission form must be filled if submitting more than one movie. Each submitted film shall pay the entry fee and be confirmed on FilmFreeway.

Selected Films
All filmmakers with selected projects will be notified via e-mail regarding acceptance by 12th June , 2021. Such notification will be received at the email address provided at the time of submission.

Altered Images proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway, the world's #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests. Click to submit.



Selected films 1st Edition
Selected films 1st Edition

Collage of some of the selected films

Altered Images  Fest
Altered Images Fest

Thiago Medici and Olivia Emes live

Altered Images  Fest
Altered Images Fest

Alba Moyano - Presenter

Altered Images  Fest
Altered Images Fest

Tom Purcelll Live

Altered Images  Fest
Altered Images Fest

Tom Purcell Live

Altered Images  Fest
Altered Images Fest

Moment of the Show

Altered Images  Fest
Altered Images Fest

Magdalena Ka Live

Altered Images  Fest
Altered Images Fest

Tom´s keyboard

Altered Images  Fest
Altered Images Fest

Carloseastlondon DJ


Unit G Arena Design Center

71 Ashfield Road

N4 1FF

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